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  • yusupheu

    omg will they add meley's lair to the game

  • PrometheusX

    would that be an easy fix?

  • PrometheusX

    Shadow you can't right click beans into the refinement window anymore after they were moved to the extra inventory

  • L0lu

    xCesarz They should be dropping all day, just like moons.

  • xCesarz

    Hexagonal time drop? 19-24?

  • Hiumi

    Then? What will happen?

  • [GA]Shadow

    They won't

  • PrometheusX

    Shadow will odins and other tp rings be transfered from s2 to s1?

  • PrometheusX

    yea, I agree

  • [GA]Shadow

    Maybe one day a light bulb would pop up and a solution may be found, but i am not going to waste precious days or weeks over some colors. There are better updates to do with this time.

  • PrometheusX

    yea, I forgot about that part.

  • [GA]Shadow

    Books are already ordered based on class and skill id inside your extra anyway

  • [GA]Shadow

    I should create 50 books, assign 50 drops to every metin, code that only 1 book should drop among these 50. Too much of a fuss for some colors sorry.

  • [GA]Shadow

    Tome are a separate item, books is one item, to which the game assign a name based on one of the skills in the game

  • [GA]Shadow


  • PrometheusX

    Shadow what about replacing all books in the game with their corresponding tome version? they are already coloured. not necessary but just an ideea

  • [GA]Shadow

    No what you meant was that books color had nothing to do, and that this month patches were responsable for the bug, which was wrong, the bug had been on live server since 6 months

  • deathpool

    it's a pity books with colors cannot be maintaned, although I guess is not really a problem with the improved shop system search

  • deathpool

    what I mean shadow is that problem with the moons was not something general. You said yourself, that player has that problem because he has a specific number of books

  • Lovia

    stone of vita +6 cant search in polish lang pack. plz fix ;)

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    The offline shop allows you to open a shop that will stay active on the server for a fixed amount of hours regardless of your gaming activity or connection.

    At any time you can open the shopbox by clicking on the bundle icon and insert the items

    As you notice you can also sell the items for another currency, called temporary Won. Yang and Won are the currency of Korea, but since our version has "golds" maybe you can help us finding a new name for the Won.

    If you inserted a wrong price you can redo it by dragging the item back to your inventory (the normal bundle need a click, but as you may misclick and delete the items from your shop by mistake, this seems much better).

    Since you can click on the items without canceling their price you can also move them inside the shopbox to organize them

    Now we could insert the battle swords just by moving down the pearls. As you can also see all new items has a blue highlight so that you can always find new acquired items in your inventory.

    Last but not least you can drag the money from your shopbox into your inventory and vice versa

    Since the shopbox is protected by your Storekeeper password, you can keep your golds safe inside it and you can also pass them quickly among the other characters of the account.

    • FAQ
    • When can we expect the release of this update?

      The shopbox is 95% done but further testing are required. Since we are at a good point with other 2 systems (which will be explained further below) we may do one big update and release all at once. Again we ask your patience on this.

    • How can we get the offline shop and how much will the shop last?

      It is not something sure at 100%, but the offline shop will be probably on the mall for the price of 5.000 tec points per 30 days. It will be included for free in every already existent package. We may also gift it to a fixed amount of players who agrees on opening their shop on the less populated town, but this is another idea :). The shop may last 8 or 12 hours as we don't want the whole map1 crowded with shops that last forever.

    • Can the shop be killed?

      The shops are immortal, however we won't tollerate shops that are built in the way of npcs. We prefer them to be inside the safe zone or close it and not exactly in front of the General Store or the Blacksmith

  • Very good, very nice! ~ One question, what is the Won? like I see the gold bar but that is Won? if the gold bar is the won, how much does it cost?

    Winter Royale Qualifier !:assaultrifle::dash::minigun::misslelauncher:

  • WoW this is so nice, good job team :D Got some exames so I won'tt be so active, but nice to see new features :D

    Very good, very nice! ~ One question, what is the Won? like I see the gold bar but that is Won? if the gold bar is the won, how much does it cost?

    Won is past tense from win, lol kidding no idea :P :D We will see ^^


    The Siege is a new kind of Guild War that rewards the strategy and teamwork. You can decleare it in the same way of the others

    However to participate, you can only use two items, weapon and armour, made specificaly for this Guild War. You can purchase them from the NPC Hong-Hae

    Once you gear up you can enter into a new arena. To win the War, you must destroy the Two Metins of the opponent team. At your current state it is unlikely possible, which is why you need to farm Siege Coins and purchase the power ups

    To farm coins, you can go either left or right of your "Base" and destroy the Metins. Each Metin gives a fixed amount of points and respawn after a fixed amount of time. The power ups grant the bonus to your whole guild and they run out if you log out or the war ends.

    If you lose both your Metin stones, the war is over and you lost.

    They are colored blue for one team and red for the other.

    • FAQ
    • When this update will go live?

      Very soon. However we will release just a Beta. Few power ups, and there might be some balance issues at first. We hope that, using your cooperation as testers, we can improve it and bring it to the next level by listening to your feedbacks.

    • Skills, bio rewards and DSS are carried inside The Siege?

      We can disable the DSS for this particular map, however skills and bios cannot. We are still thinking if there is a way where we can do something about it, however the main problems, the items with imba bonus, are already out of the picture, which makes things a bit more fair for new players over the older ones.

    • Can horse pets and mounts be used?

      We disabled horse and mounts as the community doesn't like them very much. We are still thinking about pets and potions or booster.

    • Do you plan to make Events related to this new Guild War?

      If the project is liked, yes. To be honest we may completly change the Guild System, adding new buildings, adding new dungeons just for guilds and set weekly tournaments with special rewards. This is just one small step over a bigger picture.


    Metin2 is a gambling game. Almost everything on the game is a matter of luck and percentages. The biggest example of this is indeed the upgrade system. I don't think there isn't a player who did not feel at least once, frustrated from the failure of his sword or armor or accessory.

    Even thou on SG this is not as bad as elsewhere, as you have blacksmith's memo, wiseman memo and the rare Blacksmith Diamond, we created a new system that will allow you to gamble more, but with better results.

    The Refine Plus allows you to dump in more upgrade items and golds, in exchange of better % of success.

    The percentage goes by 2% then 3% and last 5%. You can get the 5% bonus only if you cover 2% and 3% previously, but nothing prevents you to just use 2% or 2% and 3% togheter. The Refine Plus only kicks in if the item is +6 or higher.

    Certain upgrade items are found in Dungeon or dropped by particular enemies to motivate the players to use all kind of runs and kill all kind of boss that the game provides.

    • FAQ

    • When can we expect this Update?

      The Refine Plus is completly ready but needs some deep testing. We don't want some bugs where you always fail your items if you use this system, or the reverse. Of course we are working as fast as we can to ensure a quick update, but we rather give a quality one even if it may take slightly more time.

    • Can we still upgrade the items in the old way?

      Yes, the Plus on the Refine says all. The new upgrade items are not mandatory, if you want to use them, click on their icon to turn it green.

    • What about Master Compass, God Blessing Scroll and the other Upgrading Tools?

      The percentage that you see on the pictures is the real chance of that particular item without calculating other external factors. This base percentage is altered by the refine system, using a Guild Smith or a Master Compass will further raise it, but you won't see it client side since it is something that is added AFTER the upgrade.

  • Quote

    Very good, very nice! ~ One question, what is the Won? like I see the gold bar but that is Won? if the gold bar is the won, how much does it cost?

    Yang and Won are Korean Value, just like Euro is for Europe and Dollar is for America. To make it simple, it is like the Won are the Dollars and the Yang are the Cents of Dollars.

    We did not change the name yet because usually all games has Silver and Gold. We have already the Gold but since the Won are worth more than the gold, we can't just call it Silver and we can't change Gold into Silver either as it creates confusion, so if you guys have some cool names to suggest, we are listening.

    A Won, or whatever it will be named, is worth at the moment 100 milions golds. You can trade them at the Storekeeper in both ways. You can store 99 Won in both inventory and Shopbox.


    Why only 8-12 hours and not like 24 hours?

    12 hours is not a small amount of time and you can open the shop as many times as you want, it just close up after 12 straight hours. Anyway is a number and as every number it takes 1 second to change it. If the amount of shops is ok with 12 hours and if the player respect the conditions, we can raise it.

  • Instead of Won we should call it Gems.

    I think the Offline shop is great but the offline shop system is going to do 2 things;
    1. Jack up the price of Odin rings more
    2. Not be used because it costs real money

    I love the system, especially since my shops always end up DCing at night while i watch Netflix... Maybe make a way in game to get smaller bundles that last like 3-5 days... idk

    I really like the fact that the shops cannot be killed BUT a lot of people even now block blacksmiths and storekeepers, i foresee this happening at banks now as-well. Is there going to be GMs online to be sure this doesnt happen?

    Just my input :beer: Excited to see how it turns out and i hope it works well!!

  • Everything is tradable as well as the rings. Yes technically it is real money, but it also isn't. I see many shops doing daily over 20 milions golds and one odin rings cost maybe 25-30 milions. Sacrificing one day of sales for 30 of offline shops is not too much.

    I will organize an EURO 2016 event this week, which will drop the price of odins.

    Yes we will be online and punish those who abuse of the system. First maybe with a warning, if they don't learn, they lose the offline buff. Another reason why it can't be for free, they wouldn't care as they could just open it with another account.

  • [font='&quot']I understand :) Im glad you all have put a lot of thought into this.

    A suggestion for it : Those who open shops in Red or Yellow (less populated) receive an extra 1-2 hours on offline shop... Good incentive for them to open there, but not too much as to make EVERYONE open in those towns, i think it would be a good way to even it out.[/font]

  • Mey i rather waste 10$ ingame then wasting to pay electric bil leaving my pc on for 12hour a day xD :lol:

    Good job, good update, more players soon to come!

    Winter Royale Qualifier !:assaultrifle::dash::minigun::misslelauncher:

  • Very Nice Updates, can't wait for it :D

    Will the Offline Shop, save the Price's from the Item's, like Silk Bundle ?

    Kingdom: Elgoria
    lSilvesterKINGl (Lv115 / WeaponSura)
    lSilvesterQUEENl (Lv 115 / Archer)
    BuffMausal (Lv 101 / DragonMage)

    And ALL Characters in the Guild......GoAwayMyRoom.....(Kingdom: Elgoria) :shit:

    REMOVE IP-BLOCK :banned:

  • They last this amount of time per day or will you be able to just reopen them after the time expired?

    "12 hours is not a small amount of time and you can open the shop as many times as you want, it just close up after 12 straight hours. Anyway is a number and as every number it takes 1 second to change it."

    "I am not lost, I am on my way!"