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  • DerStevy

    no summer event on sg? :(

  • SirPic

    silly as in "abusable' ?

  • EmyEmy

    How many silly events we have?

  • SirPic


  • A.O.S

    lemon ran out of juice

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    You can do better than that :D

  • A.O.S

    What do you get when you cross a cat and a lemon? a sour puss

  • A.O.S

    my msg was removed for trolling and other people talk sht and their msgs still here...LEGIT

  • Gentle

    roid rage xD

  • SirPic

    you killed the english language also... rip

  • Lacex54


  • Lacex54


  • A.O.S

    Lyetta i miss you guys i really do :o. maybe ill free up a week and we can all play a bit

  • AstonJunior

    you guys are taking the game so serious :| u should have a damn break lmao xd

  • Lyetta

    cmon join so we can start doing ice runs again

  • A.O.S

    dont make me join it guys

  • LuxuriaGodOfPvM

    ok, c u little smurfys in next pvm king ;)

  • AlmightyHoly

    in 10 minutes Alin, luxuria you are beginning to believe your own lies, get some help

  • Alin Stefan

    vein spawn in 80 minutes right ?

  • LuxuriaGodOfPvM

    i agree too and i already told him a lot of times come to pvm king cuz i dont have any rival and he told me "i sold all my pvm eq, i care pvp now" after i owned his ass and all smurfys in pvm king :D

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  • Hello,
    I used to play this server a long time ago. I quit and sold all my characters, but now I am sort of back.
    Well, I will try and play, but I have limited time hence sort of.
    So, I was looking through the chars I have left, and I found some blacksmith's memo. Any idea how much they're worth?
    What's best to invest money in?(also found about 16kk I know its not much but .. eh)
    Do people sell characters for gold/tp? If so any idea how much? (something like warrior/sura farmers with Gs or Ps, lv 35/55/75)
    Also, do low level weapons/shields still drop at +9 in high end dungeons?
    Thanks! :love:

  • welcome back mara, blacksmith memo cost 1 to 2kk because of the last events, they drop alot :p
    its not allowed to buy or sell acc/items for real money, but if u are referring about gold/tp, yes u can but no ga/gm will help you with trades, so its a risk.. hard to trust players :p
    warrior 35 to 58/59 with G aos or P cost maybe 600kk? guys correct me if im wrong
    and sura 35 to 59 cost 700kk + lvl 60 to 70 maybe more :P

    and yes Hl2 still drop low level +9 :P

    from a new starter without farmer, fishing or mining is the best way or farming metins at map1. and joining events
    farming spider eyes is good also, upgrade materials and so on :)
    u can npc the books at general store and the weapons / armor also.. and the stones +3 pvm cost 5kk (monster and deathblow) even the eva/vita/haste :) and stone +0 1 2 you can npc them too.

    goodluck :p

  • Actually i have to disagree ,marianne. Blacksmith's memos are around 3kk now since they dropped alot on the halloween event not on the christmas one..and it's been a while since then.

    Mara because you have some gold..and you can afford a lv 30 weapon+9 , i think you should go drop some horse medals.. ( they drop quite easily) and make a lv 35 character for map 2. You need to wait 11 days for the horse though if you are not using any items from item mall , you can kill stones in map 1 before you can start farming map 2 ^^

    • Books that don't worth much can be sold at any NPC for 75k gold.
    • Same with stones ( +0 - 25k , +1 - 50k , +2 -75k )

    Some of the most valuable stones that you can drop are :

    Stone of monsters : +3 - 6 maybe 7kk
    +4 - 15 up to 20kk

    Stone of deathblow : +3 - 4,5-5kk
    +4 - 15kk

    Stone of defence : +3 4,5-5kk
    +4 13-14kk

    Stone of evasion : +3 - 4,5kk
    +4 - 13-4kk

    The most valuable books as you already know are :

    • Aura of sword - 3kk ±
    • Enchanted Blade - 1 - 1,2kk

    Fishing is also a good method of making gold since one clam is around 4 - 5kk

    That's all i had to say . Welcome back and good luck ^^

  • I see, thank you for the info! Yes I was referring to gold/tp only.

    Thank you! Also any clue on how much taichi/whirlwind/dance with wind band of oblivion costs?

    Welcome Back :)

    Thanks! I'll have to ask you for assistance whenever we get a chance to talk.

  • welcome back :)
    you wont need to buy a finished char since the start on this Server became easier than ever. i also started again and yeah simply build some basic gears and try to participate at the Events like moonlight & the bigger Events(i used the xmas Event).

    good luck!